EXCALION Deal With Their ‘Emotions’

‘Emotions’ is the new − fifth − album for Power Metal veterans Excalion. Following the highly acclaimed ‘Dream Alive,’ this new masterpiece from the Finnish power force takes you on a journey through hate and trust, sorrow and joy. ‘Emotions’ drives Excalion to new extremes in their music. Every song tells its own story, reflecting a singular emotion through the means of vibrant, melodic, and even aggressive Metal.
This group of talented and experienced musicians gathered to play powerful metal songs with great melodies, catchy choruses and some folk nuances that give them a very distinctive feel.
Simone Mularoni (DGM) handled the mixing and mastering duties at Domination Studio (Michael Romeo, Turilli/Lione Rhapsody). The outstanding artwork was created by Poland’s own metal art genius Piotr Szafraniec, whereas the breath-taking pictures were taken by Juhamatti Vahdersalo.
Excalion joined forces yet again with Scarlet Records to bring you the most epic Melodic Metal album of the year!

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