EXCELLION Debut Video For ‘Unlucky Charms’ Off Upcoming EP ‘Unsean’


Mexican metal quintet, EXCELLION, has debuted a video single from their upcoming EP titled “Unsean“, due on August 6th, 2016. This 5-track EP was mixed and mastered by Luke Martin  (PliniNick Johnston) in Peterborough, United Kingdom. The video for “Unlucky Charms” was directed by Sofia Ptacnik.

The story of the song may be a little different from the video of a metal band and that’s the whole point,” singer and bassist Adrian Vilbel commented. “The song talks about your self, a reunion with your inner child asking you if what you’re doing right now is what you’ve always dreamed of and the video it’s like an alternate reality where there’s this magical instrument that is capable of make you a virtuoso in any musical endeavor you may take and that’s why it’s so valuable and anyone wants it, even people with a lot of money and what we see at the start of the video. You know, we wanted to make something different to an always dark ambient metal video so that’s why we made it that way, it was actually fun.

We could relate the song and the video in a way that is kind of a dream of that inner child of yours telling you that sometimes there’re more important things out there, so you should enjoy the ride and stop trying to take shortcuts, that’s what make experiences so valuable,” he continues.

Unsean features only two concept songs — the opening “Unsean Pt. I – In Search of Infinity,” and closing piece “Unsean Pt. II – The Heart of the Sapphire.”

‘Unlucky Charms’ is not a part of this concept, along with the other two remaining songs on the EP, so it has nothing to do with the title but for us it meant a fresh air in our new sound and is an important part of Excellion’s evolution,” Vilbel admits.

EXCELLION’s plans for the future are known. “We’re planning on taking the international scene for the very first time with this new material and from there, hopefully get to share the stage in every space we get around the world. And of course we’re starting to write Unsean Pt. II too but that’s another story.”

“Unsean” Track Listing:

01. Unseen Pt. I – In Search of Infinity
02. Unlucky Charms feat. Fernando from Joliette
03. The Courier
04. Diablo Jr feat. Jose Macro from Arcadia Libre
05. Unsean Pt. II – The Heart of the Sapphire