EXCELLION Post Video Teaser For Upcoming EP ‘Unsean’ Due On August 6


Ahead of the release on August 6th of EXCELLION’s new EP, “Unsean“, the band have launched a teaser video showcasing all the tracks from the five-track release. You can watch it below.

For ‘Unsean’ we took a different approach totally; it is our first work since we established ourselves in Mexico City. We’re all sharing the same home right now, so it was a new interesting way to write music for EXCELLION,” commented backing vocalist and bassist Adrian Vilbel.

We were all involved in the moment when someone had an idea and he just called the rest of the group, and just like that, suddenly we were working on a whole song right there. It didn’t matter if it was late at night or too early in the morning, it has been a fun ride and we’re really proud of the results we’ve gotten.

The title of the EP, “Unsean“, is not a typo but rather a wordplay. As singer and guitarist Frozen Chava explains: “There seems to be a lot of people that believe it’s a typo and well, it’s definitely not, but we expected that too when we decided to name our new work like that. It’s actually a word play where we used “Unseen” and at the same time “Sea” because that’s exactly the concept behind this new music. We humans actually know more about the space than the sea, it’s shocking that we only know about five percent of this vast amount of water on the Earth’s surface and that’s something to reflect about. There is a lot of mystery and things to discover down there, so yeah, that’s what UnSEAn is really about.

Speaking about the creative process that informed “Unsean“, guitarist Frank Markz said: “We’ve always wanted to express the way we feel at the time when we focus on writing something new, so this was no exception. Actually it has a lot to do with the changes that were happening with our lives. We were moving to a new city, we were adapting ourselves to this new life, there were a lot of things we didn’t know at the moment and had to learn the hard way. The list can go on but I think you got the point by now, so we focused on looking for something to reflect those feelings and that’s how the “UnSEAn” project was born. That’s why you can see a Lion with horns under the water for the cover art — there’s some strange life form learning to adapt itself to a completely different environment, one that he or she isn’t used to.”

Drummer Omar Avley added: “To tell the truth, it has been an interesting concept to work on and we believe there will be a lot of people out there who will identify themselves with the same story. We really hope you guys enjoy these songs.

Unseanis out on August 6th; check out the teaser including all five tracks off of the EP.

UnseanTrack Listing:

1. Unsean Pt. I: In Search of Infinity
2. Unlucky Charms (feat. Fernando Obregón of Joliette)
3. The Courier
4. Diablo Jr. (feat. Jose Macario Tovar of Arcadia Libre)
5. Unsean Pt. II: The Heart of the Sapphire