EXCITER And Guitarist JOHN RICCI Part Ways

Bad news to the thrash legends Exciter fans. The band, via bassist Allan Johnson on his Facebook page, broke the news that guitarist John Ricci is no longer with them. Check it out:

“Some rather heavy news in the Exciter camp. Due to certain professional and personal differences, John Ricci has decided to leave the band. I wish to inform the fans worldwide that Dan Beehler [drums, vocals] and I are going to forge on with our songwriting and recording. However, live shows will be postponed until such a time that we can find a suitable guitarist.”

“As I am the sole administrator of the Exciter Original Facebook page I will continue to post from time to time to keep up the legacy of what we have accomplished over the last four and a half years, but I will no doubt create a whole new Facebook page for the next incarnation of Exciter. In the meantime, all the best of luck and health to John.”