Exclusive Video Premiere: LEBENSSUCHT – ‘Beloved Depression’


Today we are thrilled to present you exclusive video premiere for LEBENSSUCHT‘s “Beloved Depression” for East Europe time, which can be seen below.

The front woman S Caedes comments, “Well, feelings have no concept, feelings just happen to you. And this is what the song is made of pain, despair and the need to drown in this sticky darkness. To be able to enjoy, even when it hurts. This is our absolute.

“Lebenssucht” means squeezing life out, with all negative and positive aspects, until the very last drop. All members find their peace by transforming the worst into their own strength. This is what the music is about. They allow us taking a deeper look inside their psyches, obliterating any cliché of happiness. Pain is the gate, their eudemonia