EXECRATION Sings Worldwide Deal With Metal Blade Records


Metal Blade Records has announced signing of Norwegian Death Metallers EXECRATION.

The band has signed a worldwide multiple album deal and both parties, EXECRATION and Metal Blade Records, are full of anticipation.

Comments EXECRATION: “We’re really excited to pen this deal with Metal Blade. Metal Blade is a legendary label, with legendary bands and releases from all the way back to the beginning, and joining the ranks is a true privilege. After an eventful year with touring and receiving a Norwegian Grammy Award for our latest album, we are now ready to embark on the next chapter for Execration, and we’re confident that Metal Blade is the perfect partner in doing so.

EXECRATION formed in 2004 and unleashed a few demos and an EP before releasing the debut album ‘Syndicate Of Lethargy‘ in 2008. It wasn’t until 2011 and the release of the second album ‘Odes Of The Occult‘ before the band gained a wider recognition which ended up in great reviews and a bunch of high profile festival gigs including Inferno Festival, Beyond the Gates, Killtown Deathfest and a tour of southern Europe. On this album the band incorporated a wider set of influences, including more black metal, as well as opting for an even more obscure sound, more open strung riffs and a general focus on atmosphere over brutality.

Before the next album EXECRATION replaced the B tuned guitars with regular E-tuning, which offered new opportunities in terms of sound and what kinds of riffs would work well. This sparked the creative period that resulted in ‘Morbid Dimensions‘, the bands third album, released in September 2014. This album received even better reviews across the board and landed EXECRATION a Spellemannspris (Norwegian Grammy) in January 2015. Following this album they played gigs over most of Norway, on the country’s biggest festivals (Inferno, Blastfest), a brief tour with Cannibal Corpse, as well as festival gigs in Germany (Chaos Descends) and the UK (Live Evil).

EXECRATION are now in the final stages of the songwriting process, but unlike the previous two albums, the new one will not mark a dramatic stylistic shift. It will be the most compactEXECRATION album to date, shorter and with tighter compositions. It’s catchy, complex, prog-infused and intense all at the same time. Stay tuned for more info to come!

Jørgen Maristuen – guitars/vocals
Chris Johansen – guitars/vocals
Jonas Helgemo – bass
Cato Syversrud – drums