EXECUTION DAY Release New Single Featuring JD Of ICE NINE KILLS

Execution Day Band

PA metalcore quartet EXECUTION DAY are back with a new single called “Anti-Venom,” featuring Justin “JD” DeBlieck of ICE NINE KILLS. JD shares vocal duties with lead singer Dylan Dively after the final breakdown and adds a new element of mayhem to the track. “Anti-Venom” is about anyone who wears a mask and hides who they really are, a point that is illustrated in the music video.

“It’s so easy today to reach a large amount of people on the internet, and It’s even easier to lie to and manipulate people without even meeting or knowing said people” says Dively. “We mention a ‘mask’ in the track and video, and to us that really symbolizes how someone can be in your presence, and even in your close group of friends or family but you never really knew them to begin with. They wear a mask to hide they’re true intentions and put on their disguise. We feel like the track and video are special because it paints a picture of what the world is like today and gives hope that truth will prevail.”

After EXECUTION DAY finished the song, they knew it had a sound and energy that JD would be a perfect fit for, but having never met or even spoke to him, they knew it would be a total shot in the dark. “We reached out and sent it to him and he ended up really enjoying it!,” says Dively. “He also made some notes of where he thought the song could be improved and some things he thought would take the song to the next level and to get that input was so awesome.”

Founded in 2016, EXECUTION DAY has been tirelessly pushing, touring and creating new music. Their debut EP From the Bottom of my Heart was released in 2017 and established the band as one of Pittsburgh’s premier metalcore acts. Following that release, the band hit the road, touring across the Midwest and playing with acts such as, FALLING IN REVERSE, THE PLOT IN YOU, LIKE MOTHS TO FLAMES and many more.

Earlier this year EXECUTION DAY released the song “Woe,” the first single from their upcoming EP Illusions (release TBA).