Exhumation – Eleventh Formulae

Chaos! Musical chaos to the eleventh level! That’s what Exhumation  “Eleventh Formulae” is. An organized chaos in fact because though opening track “Mors Gloria Est” sounds pretty ravage, musicwise it has a clear direction. I can’t say it has a free jazz direction, for instance. The chaos happens in other way. It’s the organization of the sounds that make the song. The layers of instrumental noises made by the musicians, though, again, it is not possible to say that the music structure is disorganized. Bottom line “Mors Gloria Est” is a raw Death Metal noisier than the usual. This is the general guidance of the album “Eleventh Formulae.”

“Eleventh Formulae” is recommended to the Raw Death Metal fan that likes his music raw and wild. In some aspects, Exhumation and Venom have resemblances, especially when it comes with the organized chaos Venom imposed to their masterpiece “Black Metal,” album that had the honor of pioneer one of the most controvertials, and for that reason beloved, subgenres of Heavy Metal. The way vocalist Bones puts his voice remainds a lot Cronos. The tone and the way they write their songs also. The thing is that Exhumation is much wilder. Well, there are about 40 years separating them. A long, but long time. Metal evolved a lot from there, it got even more agressive and noisier. Fun fact, seventh track “Formulae II Ironheart Rapture” is in fact a classical music track with its piano sonata. No traces at all of heavy music. It sounds odd compared to all the other tracks, though whatever. But, there are tracks as the following “Ominous Chants” that sound as a slower – did I say slower? – version of a grindcore track. I said slower because the intent is the same as grindcore. The musical structure was built to fill in the charts of a grindcore song.

“Eleventh Formulae” is the perfect album for those days when you are pissed and angry and angst. All three of them together with some more if you’d like to. An album to show the teeth.

Exhumation “Eleventh Formulae” will be released on February 28th via Pulverised Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Mors Gloria Est
  2. Inferno Dwellers
  3. Formulae I: Malediction Bells
  4. Grandeur Dawn
  5. Vicious Ecstasy
  6. Arcane Dance
  7. Formulae II: Ironheart Rapture
  8. Ominous Chants
  9. Blood Trails
  10. Perdition Spells
  11. Formulae III: Eleventh Vessel

Watch “Mors Gloria Est” music video here: