Existentia – Calculating Failure Review

Undoubtedly Extreme Metal bands have the best drummers ever. Not only for their skill to play real fast but also for the technique they’re acquiring each day. The spanking the drummer Jacob Nunn does here in “Calculating Failure” is really impressive. By the way, the guy does the vocals as well. Impressive twice. As my good fan may know to do both things in an Extree Metal band is really, but really, difficult and there are a few drummers that can do it both. I can only remember the name of Exciter’s Dan Beehler, of course there more of them but I just can’t remember. I could say a few out of the Metal music world, but I guess my fan won’t be interested. A rare quality, I must say.

What drummer Jacob Nunn does here in “Calculating Failure” is really impressive. There are some passages in opening track “Planned Obsolescence” that really call the eye by the velocity the man impresses on the snare drums. It’s what some people called the machine gun drumming but even faster. I really have to say impressive, pretty impressive. I tell you awesome, just awesome. For the record, not only first track has this drumming butchery, all of them are in the same vibe and speed, of course. Ok, for the record, all instrumentals in this album are impressive. Vocals also do a great job here giving the needed aggressive mood that Metal albums require and the fans just love. “Calculating Failure” is the album to remember when quoting a particular well-played Metal outfit. There is no way of not loving it to death.

I wouldn’t label Existentia as a Technical Death Metal band because I think it lacks some features but the playing in it is jawbreaker. A pity this album has only four tracks. I’m looking forward for a full length soon.  This is the kind of album that makes me very proud of being a metalhead. It’s great to listen to a band playing in high level of instrumental quality. It’s not only the speed they play but also the things they do in such velocity. In some passages I keep thinking that I don’t even know how to play them not just a little and it’s only an EP. I keep wondering a full length.

Existentia “Calculating Failure” will be self-released on September 19th.

Track Listing:

  1. Planned Obsolescence
  2. Calculating Failure
  3. Artifice Hallucination
  4. Fulminate

Watch “Planned Obsolescence” official video here: