EXISTENTIA Do a ‘Calculating Failure’

Fusing a penchant for intricate brutality and aggression, the death metal trio Existentia, came into being out of the pandemic. The outfit combine old school song structures with modern technical abilities to produce a unique and refreshing listening experience. Teaming up with Grammy-Nominated producers Carson Slovak and Grant McFarland of Atrium to produce their debut EP, the extreme metallers have no intention of holding back.

Comprised of former members of prominent Northeast metal outfits (Polemecist, Young Graves), the eclectic background forms an integral aspect of Existentia’s sound. Drawing on inspiration from these projects, influences can be heard in the musical arrangement and lyrical content. From the onset, ‘Planned Obsolescence,’ sees utterly guttural harsh vocals power through heavily distorted low tones of guitar and bass, alongside a driving force of intense blast beats. Existentia explore the essence of extreme metal and drag it into the progressive territories. ‘Calculating Failure’ achieves even lower tones across the instrumentation delivering unexpected chord progressions and disjointed rhythms. The wall of sound thrown out of ‘Fulminate’ seeks to further engage with the dark.

Existentia not only seek to explore the hidden depths with their composition but to push extreme tonalities to the edge with radical experimentation. Demonstrating such an immense display of musical manipulation in their debut release, it’s clear Existentia are striving to make an impact.

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