EXM93 – Urban Far West

It’s always a pleasure to review the real deal. Not only the real deal, but the pioneers themselves. I can’t explain why, but there is always a feeling that you are listening to the one when you listen to bands as EXM93. “Urban Far West” is exactly in the midst of 1980’s Thrash-blackened Metal and the second wave of Black Metal since they kept the uptempo drum beating and introduced keyboards and others. The music herein is not only exciting, it is also dark and gloomy. It is impossible not to bang your head fiercefully with tracks as “Regime.” Just exactly what state of the art bands did that time.

“Urban Far West” has an outrageous lyrical content that makes us proud of Metal. As it is traditional, no stone is left unturned and EXM93 do that marvelously. The mood of debauchery is latent in the air and it can be felt over here indeed. There tracks as “Apribottiglie e Pistole” that makes even more proud due to its carnage and feral mood. Thanks to the exciting drumming that makes all the difference giving an adrenalized and high-octaned taste to it.

The most outrageous thing about “Urban Far West” is its uptempo drumming and high-speed velocity guitar riffing that do all the magic. “Urban Far West” keeps all the bright and glow of early Extreme Metal bands – no, it’s no joke or pun with the words. Some bands lost it in the way to getting gloomier. They lost the punch, they forgot how to be musically violent and that’s a pity. But once in a while some band reminds us how it was. Again EXM93 do that marvelously. Try to stay still with “Dead In Cross (The Forgotten King)” if you can.

“Urban Far West” brings you to the good old days.

EXM93  “Urban Far West” was released in 2019 via Vomit Arcanus Productions.

Track Listing:

  1. The Calling
  2. Age of Illusion
  3. Blood Calls Blood
  4. Princeps Militiae Coelestis
  5. Regime
  6. Wolves Warchant
  7. Apribottiglie e Pistole
  8. Shadows of Past (intro)
  9. Army of the Obscurity
  10. Dead In Cross (The Forgotten King)
  11. At the Hell’s Door

Watch “Blood Calls Blood” official video here: