Exodus – Blood In Blood Out

ExodusBloodInBloodOut  Before listening to this, my favorite of all recent thrash metal albums was Hirax’s “Immortal Legacy”, but Exodus’ new “Blood In Blood Out” takes the cake for me this time. This album is covered beginning to end with what is probably some of the absolute best thrash metal to be heard in a long time. Everything from the vocals to the brutal theme of “Blood In Blood Out” brings out the best of both Exodus and the album. The vocals have a higher pitched sound (not screaming like screamo) that puts literal electricity into the everything else in each song with the guitars sounded even more ultra-fast and makes the drums sound all the more demonic the long the album goes on. And I personally think the music video for the album’s namesake track captures the overall feel of “Blood In Blood Out” in a very nice and convenient nutshell – one giant ass mosh pit just waiting to happen. The album is available for purchase on iTunes here and you can listen to the album is full via Spotify here.


Track Listing:

  1. Black 13 (feat. Dan the Automator)
  2. Blood in Blood Out
  3. Collateral Damage
  4. Salt the Wound (feat. Kirk Hammett)
  5. Body Harvest
  6. Btk (feat. Chuck Billy)
  7. Wrapped in the Arms of Rage
  8. My Last Nerve
  9. Numb
  10. Honor Killings
  11. Food for the Worms
  12. Angel of Death (Angel Witch Cover, Bonus Track)