Exodus – British Disaster The Battle of ’89 (Live at the Astoria) Review

Alive albums are always a thrill for Metal music, even more if they catch the most iconic era of a band as Exodus, one of the most iconic cult bands of Metal music. That “British Disaster – The Battle of ’89 (Live at the Astoria)” caches the most iconic era of the band there is no shadow of doubt. Unfortunately, most fans know the band because of two ex-members than effectively for the band’s music, which, by the way, is great. After all the band is known for being one of the four greats of Thrash Metal. A band that shaped the style. Well, that’s the way it is, I guess.

The album was recorded on the 8th of March in 1989 at The Astoria in London, fans witnessed a night that went down in history and became legendary among Exodus and Thrash Metal fans worldwide. The band had just released their third studio album “Fabulous Disaster” and started a five month run to promote the album which brought the Americans also to Europe for a month of live shows. During this European run Exodus decided to record the show in London, but never released it. This recording remained unheard of in the Exodus vaults.

“British Disaster – The Battle of ’89 (Live at the Astoria)” delivers the band’s most wrathful verve alive. If the studio albums are a blast, its alive version delivers much more with faster-than-hell versions as “Like Father, Like Son” and the very well-known “Piranha.” It’s a rare chance for new fans to get to know the band exactly how it was back then even though the mixing process and the production took a lot of the natural aggression the band used to have in their live shows. It’s also a great opportunity to get to kow why the band has reached such an iconic cult position. What they used to do in the 1980’s is what many bands are doing today. As simple as that.

Exodus “British Disaster – The Battle of ’89 (Live at the Astoria)” will be released on May 31st via Nuclear Blast Records.

Track Listing:

  1. The Last Act of Defiance
  2. Fabulous Disaster
  3. ‘til Death Do Us Part
  4. Corruption
  5.  The Toxic Waltz
  6. A Lesson in Violence
  7. Chemi-Kill
  8. Piranha
  9. Like Father, Like Son
  10. Deliver Us to Evil
  11. Parasite
  12. And Then There Were None
  13. Verbal Razors
  14. Brain Dead
  15. Strike of the Beast

Watch “Piranha” official live video here: