EXODUS’s STEVE ‘ZETRO’ SOUZA Rails Against ‘Socialist’ Vaccine Mandates, Defends His Support Of TRUMP

Steve Zetro Souza 2021

In a new interview with Andrew McKaysmith of Australia’s “Scars And Guitars” podcast, EXODUS frontman Steve “Zetro” Souza discussed the state of American politics.

After McKaysmith told Souza that he doesn’t think “there is any question” that Zetro‘s past “support for Trump was well placed given the sh*t show” that America has “as a president these days,” Souza said: “They disliked the person,” referring to the hatred that Trump elicited from most Democrats and even some Republicans. “What other leader in the world in history, if you tweet, would come right back at you and go, ‘Hey, f*ck you’? Because [Trump] wasn’t a politician. He was already a millionaire and a very famous man — more famous than any of the presidents. So what did he have to gain?

He continued: “Gas has gone up a full dollar since he’s gone out of office. “Wood prices, you used to pay 28 dollars for a sheet of plywood; it’s 94 dollars for a sheet of plywood. So you tell me — you tell me what’s going on. And I feel that nobody’s really doing anything right now.

“I have not seen our government do anything; they’re just sitting back like they always do and just cruise. I thought [former U.S. president BarackObama did the same thing. He just got in office and, ‘I’m the president.’ ‘What are you doing today?’ ‘I’m just being the president. If something comes up, I’ll get with it.’ But I don’t see him getting out there. F*cking Trump, you heard his goddamn name every day, whether you liked it or not. He was trying to close up the borders and build a wall. People didn’t like that.

“Do you know, when I go to Australia or Mexico, I have to f*cking get a visa to come into your countries,” “Why doesn’t anybody have to have a visa to come into my country? That’s bullsh*t. And that’s all he was trying to do. But people [said], ‘No, he’s a racist, and he doesn’t like Latin people.'”

Zetro also railed against the federal and local vaccine mandates that have been implemented across the U.S. over the past few weeks.

He said: “They’re forcing you to get a vaccine. Do we live in a socialist society? What happened to ‘my body, my choice’? I don’t understand it. And it’s not about the vaccine not being effective or whatever; it’s about the choice that you’re telling me to. We’re playing a concert with TESTAMENT and DEATH ANGEL in Oakland, California [at the end of November]. You have to show proof of vaccination to even come in. I think that’s socialist right there. That’s bullsh*t. What about people that have AIDS? What if people have Hep C? How come they don’t have to show [any kind of proof]…? To me, it’s like anything else — why is this all of a sudden [something that] the government can mandate you?”

He then says about COVID-19: “Yes, it’s real. Yes, it kills people. It’s no worse than the flu, though. You can’t shut the world down. You can’t ruin people’s businesses that they built. Little mom-and-pop donut shops, how are they supposed to survive? I’m just using that as an example. My take is you cannot run from something. You need to hit it head-on. And once you hit it head-on, you’re gonna beat it. You’re gonna beat it. [But instead they are, like], ‘Let’s keep locking it down. Let’s not do it anymore. Let’s [postpone] the festivals till next year, and then the next year, and then the next year.’ Just do it. What are you gonna do? Hide from this thing your whole life? It’s been two years now — two years. It’s f*cking November. The sh*t hit in f*cking December ’19. I know ’cause I was in Europe when it went down. I had to fly home in the beginning of March [2020].