Expert Says METALLICA Have Mastered the Loudest Album Ever


Metallica‘s “Death Magnetic” has been named the loudest album ever by a mastering expert.

Mastering engineer Ian Shepherd which he compared both the loudness and dynamics of some of the top albums in music history, but Metallica‘s 2008 title topped his list – but lost significant amounts of sonic detail in the process.

Death Magnetic” scored a dynamic range rating of DR3, compared to the band’s 1991 “Black Album“, which was much lower on the list at DR11. The least-loudest was Dire Strait’s Brothers In Arms” at DR16.

Shepherd comments: “Why is it crazy? Because it doesn’t work. None of these ‘loudness’ differences will be audible in any of the most popular places we listen to music. Not on Spotify, iTunes Radio – not even YouTube any more, and certainly not on radio or TV.

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