EXTERNAL Release New Music Video ‘Parasight’

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A progressive metal act from Finland, EXTERNAL, released a new music video for the song ”Parasight”. The video combines one-shot material of the band playing with the current trend of a lyric video. The production was voluntary work by a dear friend of the band, Roger Lundberg.

The song is from EXTERNAL’s diverse debut album”The Blurry Horizon” released at the end of summer. Musically,”Parasight” represents the most complex depths of the album, playing with a heavily syncopated rhythmic motif. As a counterweight to the complexity, the song offers a powerful chorus and some memorable melodies. Lyrically, the song discusses how social media can manipulate our reality – As we obsessively try to give the most perfect impression of ourselves, we may lose touch of our true selves and what it actually is to be human.

Music video can be viewed below.