Eye of the Destroyer – Baptized in Pain

It’s amazing how Death Metal can be surprising. To laymen it’s all the same disconnected sonorous mass, but to whom is initiated on the black arts, it’s much more. The only thing that links all Death Metal bands together is the gritty and guttural vocal which some minor adjustments allowing other vocals to be together. That’s the interesting part, Death Metal never ceases to have guttural vocals in all tracks of an album. Vocals ca get harsher or a bit lighter, but never clean. Never clean. Other kind of vocals, whatever they are, are added to the layer of sounds built in each song varying the intent the band wants to give them. Eye of the Destroyer follow this rule strictly, nevertheless songs are instrumentally as cruel as it can be.

“Baptized in Pain” is not a fast album as many might think it’s mandatory to a Death Metal band. In a way, “Baptized in Pain” is very slow, but cruelty can be slow also, isn’t it? Eye of the Destroyer with “Baptized in Pain” inflict lots of pain to the one who listens to it, but, as you all may know, pain is one thing that death metallers know all about it. Title track is excruciating with its slow cadence and guitar licks that seem as bamboos sticks under your fingernails. It goes slowly and painfully reaching its predictable end as goes humankind. As I talked about the guitars, may I have your attention, please? Guitars in “Baptized in Pain” take the lead. Yeah, no news, but here is different because guitars are louder than the usual and their notes cause bigger impression than it may be imagined. Riffs are slow and very well-planned  to be effective and direct causing a range of explosions in the ears of the listener. Eye of the Destroyer are a band where the guitars have the also the idea of being also an effect. Guitars are not only the guide, but also a mean to cause more pain as it goes inflicting it all over “Baptized in Pain.”

“Baptized in Pain” shows that Death Metal still has a lot more to offer.

Eye of the Destroyer “Baptized in Pain” will be released on May 17th via High Potency Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Rebirth
  2. Buried Alive
  3. Death Master
  4. Body Snatcher
  5. Life of Deceit
  6. Post Mortem Mutilation
  7. Baptized in Pain
  8. False Prophet
  9. Disposal of Flesh
  10. Twisted Perception
  11. Starving and Hanging
  12. Stalked and Slain
  13. Endless Suffering
  14. Violent by Design
  15. Plagued with Regret
  16. Face Down

Watch “Post Mortem Mutilation” official video here: