Faal – Desolate Grief

Faal’s “Desolate Grief” is an album that is only possible to explain in modern terms. As long as the term is not very well appreciated by the Metal community, Faal are a modern band. Faal picture themselves as a black/doom band. We are talking about  a term that did not exist a few years, though there were some bands that were near that.

To you, my old school reader, imagine a black metal band with all the roars and howlings bagged in a straight-from-hell voice. But, the instrumental is smooth, sometimes even kind. That’s Faal’s “Desolate Grief.” As in all their peers, the songs are long. That is a major characteristic of a modern doom band. There are five tracks is “Desolate Grief,” the first is an intro, and they are at the range of ten minutes each. One thing that pops up is that there are no guitar solos in “Desolate Grief.” Again to you, my old school fellow, it is kind of a thing of modern Metal bands. “The Horizon,” for instance, is almost an art rock song. Heavier though, but with touches of melody that makes it a pretty effort.

Faal’s instrumental is carefully played. Faal build up the cadences with notes that highlight the beauty and melody. Faal’s “Desolate Grief” musically tells us that life is a very complex thing. There are layers of complexity in life. One is never always happy, one is never always sad. There is grudge, hate, fear, anguish, and remorse. but also there are love, kindness, beauty, and pitty. Whicj one wins? It depends. It is never as simple as they try to tell us. There are no happiness pills. There is only life itself. “Desolate Grief” is a part of it. Lets face it. I prefer life the way Faal tell it than any other. I choose honesty. Always.

Track Listing:

  1. Intro
  2. Grief
  3. No Silence
  4. Evoking Emotions
  5. The Horizon

Faal’s “Desolate Grief” will be on the road on January 26th via Ván Records.

Watch Faal’s “Desolate Grief” teaser here: