Fahrenheit – 212 Review

Some people may think Hard Rock bands are all the same. It’s all about songs with cars, girls, sex and parties. Well, from where I’m standing out of cars the other themes are great and I salute them with flying colors. Of course, all those themes that other Metal bands from all subgenres deliver are also important and relevant, however life isn’t dark and gloomy all the time. There has to be some light in it at least for some time. I guess part of the problem, as it was the solution historically at the same time, Metal music has been compartmentalized so much. What I want to say is that each subgenre of Metal has its own thematic. Moreover, some themes seem to be extrictly prohibited. My fan knows what I’m talking about. Metal bands that desire a good reputation NEVER write about love or any other love related subject. Hard Rock bands do and are proud of it. It’s no problem to talk about love, the problem is to be cheesy. Furthermore, about Hard Rock bands being all the same I have to remind, and advise my dear fan, that my mother used to say the same about all Metal bands I used to listen. It’s the general opinion of people that hate Metal, isn’t it?

At first, Fahrenheit with “212” may sound as many other Hard Rock bands. Of course, there are times that the band sounds as some other, but it’s natural. It’s absolutely impossible to any band to be original all the time. Nor Iron Maiden did. The way to the desired own personality is harsh and tortuous and it takes a lot from the band. Fahrenheit chose a sonancy that for many may sound outdated because it was kind of worn out in the past. However, for the haters hate’s sake, it’s alive and well. “212” sounds as melodic as Whitesnake did it in the late 1980s or as Def Lepard also did it at the same time. But, for me, there is the little something that attract me to band and it was the warm tones of all guitar solos. Guillermo Capilla is no shredeer at all and no virtouso, but he knows how to give his solos that touch of originality. That roaring of the guitar amazes me. “212” has gluey choruses, sticky guitar riffings and songs that make the fan want to singalong as the Bon Jovish “Moving Slow down” whose cadence and the oooh chorus make the fan hum. The duet with female vocals in “Damned to Love” sound too damn great to forget to point it out here. On the other hand, there are songs as “Sweet Vengeance” where the keyboarding and the arrangement make the fan think he is watching those 1980s movies about gangs. You know what I mean. All songs are emotion-drenched and some may say it’s cheesy and sugared, but who cares?

No, “212” won’t change Metal music or the world, but it does provide some minutes of fun and dreaming.

Fahrenheit “212” was independently released on October 23rd.

Track Listing:

  1. The Winner
  2. Damned to Love
  3. Grow Up Younger
  4. Kill Me
  5. Moving Slow down
  6. Sweet Vengeance
  7. Don´t Give up
  8. Susanne
  9. When Love Arrives
  10. Emotion Seeker

Watch “The Winner” official music video here:

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