Fahrenheit begin their journey in December 2007, completing the formation of the germ group called Dr.Love. This formation was composed by the members, Alejandro Hormigos (Sexplosion), Guillermo Capilla (guitar) and Guillermo Muñoz (Voice and keyboards). This formation was not very stable. After a long time trying and changing members that were not able to settle, Gonzalo Villanueva (drums), enters to give more stability and more facility in the composition of songs.

In 2011 the group changes its name to Saigon Cobra and continues to look for the components that close the formation, especially vocalists. In August 2013 the previous bassist Santiago Armesilla leaves the band. From here and in a short space of time, Saigon Cobra, would finish the current and stable formation with the incursion of Marcos Jiménez (bass) in November 2013, and then in May 2014, Javier Hidalgo (keyboardist), who would come to give a change of orientation, more than meditated, with the step of Guillermo Muñoz, as main vocalist.

In July 2014 the group includes Belén Ballesteros (ex-Strangers’ vocalist) as a chorus singer.

In September 2014, Saigón Cobra gives its first performance in the festivities of the Madrid neighbourhood of Villa de Vallecas. After a couple of performances under this name, the group takes another step forward and in January 2015 the name is definitively changed to Fahrenheit, with Belén leaving the group and recording a demo with three songs that the group presents in Sala Lemon in December of that year.

In 2017 they won the music competition, Moralrock as the best group, performing in September of that year at the Moralzarzal fiestas.

In October 2020 Fahrenheit release their first album, ‘2 1 2.’

The group from its beginnings moves musically in the Melodic Hard Rock, flirting with the AOR, trying to give it a current focus.

Band Line-Up:
Guillermo Muñoz: Voice
Guillermo Capilla: Guitar and chorus
Javier Hidalgo: Keyboard and backing vocals
Gonzalo Villanueva: Drums
Marcos Jiménez: Bass and backing vocals

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