Faith in Jane – Axe to Oak Review

I’m here for the guitar solos. There I said it.

Nah, I’m kidding. Well, kind of. I’m really here for the guitar solos and, of course, the combination of shoegazed songs with the striking effect of fuzzy guitars. To some extent, Rock music is about guitars. Metal music as the black sheep son of Rock is also about guitars. Guitar solos are as important to Metal music as air is for breathing, therefore, there is no such thing as Metal music without guitar solos. Due to many situations that may go out of our control, some time ago it seemed that people were ashamed or afraid of playing guitar solos. For some there was a super exposure of guitar solos. There were too many guitarists solo albums. Things like that. But hear me out Metal music wuthout guitar solos isn’t Metal music. Simple as that.

Faith in Jane “Axe to Oak” isn’t Metal. Funny to reveal that after writing all those words about Metal music and guitars, but remember I started talking that I was here for the guitar solos. There are many of them. Faith in Jane revived that absolutely delicious tradition of Rock music of having long guitar solos that go on and on. I just love that. Musicwise, “Axe to Oak” is a son of the late 1960s and early 1970s when Led Zeppelin, Cream, Jimi Hendrix, and many others used to play for hours and hours in long jams full of solos, not only guitars. I admit that this really makes up my mind. The mood in here with such psychedelic tracks as “Heavy Drinker” is totally amazing. The band was able to recreate the steamming hot atmosphere of the album of that time. From the overtones of the drums to the fuzzy guitars and the way they were played. The album is a celebration of psychedelic albums from that epoch. Just one thing that goes a little out and that thing is the vocals which sound a little too Stone Temple Pilots or Pearl Jam, but that’s really okay. By the way, that’s a recorring thing.

If my dear child of the night close the eyes listening to Faith in Jane “Axe to Oak” it’s possible that he/she won’t recognize in it a work from our time. My guess is that for Faith in Jane this is the greatest compliment.

Faith in Jane “Axe to Oak” was released on October 7th via Grimoire Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Whiskey Mountain Breakdown
  2. She Moved Through the Fair
  3. Enter Her Light
  4. Heavy Drinker
  5. How Many Ships Sail in the Forest?
  6. Axe to Oak
  7. The Seeker

Watch “Axe to Oak” official lyric video: