Fall of Carthage – Emma Green

Never judge a book by its cover. That’s what the old saying tells us. Nor a cd cover. It could not more accurate to this “Emma Green” of Fall of Carthage. The girl in it seems to be dead, or raped, but there is no drop of blood or anything that could ever make one wonder it. Pretty deceptive. One would expect any kind of music in it, except any Metal style. I would never. But Fall of Carthage are a vigorous industrial metal act with some dashes of Motörhead and a strong taste of Pantera. Ah, it is so nice to see the old “Parental Advisory. Explicit Content” warning again. We are eager to have real heavy metal bands with real heavy metal lyrics. To be harmless and innocent is for the pop bs. A good sign to what will ever come with Fall of Carthage “Emma Green.”

“Emma Green” opens with a vigorous track named “Signs Of Corruption,” which can be deceptive because its first moments sound much more a death metal song than industrial to then fall into the modern industrial thing. It does happen all the time, “Belongings,” for instance sounds pretty thrashy. It has even a pretty good guitar solo using effects a la Tom Morello. “Dollarhungry” with its frentic tempo is the fastest in the effort. It begins calmly to speed it up in the middle. The lyrics are awesome. “Slow And Low,” a Beastie Boys cover, mixes heavy guitars with rap vocals and drumming. it takes us all the way back to the 1990s. Good call.

Back then we used to label bands like Fall of Carthage as funk-o-metal. These days I really do not know. But who cares. Fall of Carthage are a pretty decent band to whom is trying to scape from standard metal stuff, but does not want to go that far.

Fall of Carthage “Emma Green” will fall from the edge on April 06th via MDD Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Signs Of Corruption
  2. Priceless
  3. Superior
  4. Down There
  5. Emma Green
  6. Lies In Your Cup
  7. Belongings
  8. F.A. Gov
  9. Dollarhungry
  10. Slow And Low

Watch “Dawn of the Enemy” official video here: