FALLEN SANCTUARY Go to ‘Terranova’

It’s rare that musicians from different bands are as much on the same musical wavelength as vocalist Georg Neuhauser of Austrian  Symphonic metal act Serenity and Marco Pastorino, guitarist with Italian melodic metal band Temperance. The two became friends in 2018 during a joint tour and soon realised that they pretty much share musical idols and tastes. Neuhauser:
“Marco and I often got talking at night on the tour bus to the next show with Serenity and Temperance. It was amazing that we have so many favourite bands in common. And since we also get along really well on a personal level and live only a four-hour drive apart, we came up with the idea of releasing an album together some day.” It would appear that “some day” has now arrived: From 24 June 2022, Neuhauser and Pastorino’s debut album ‘Terranova,’ released under the moniker of Fallen Sanctuary, will be available as digipak, coloured vinyl LP and box set. The new band also features a permanent rhythm section consisting of Alfonso Mocerino on drums and bassist Gabriele Gozzi, who will complement Fallen Sanctuary live on stage.
Until that day, Fallen Sanctuary are set to present their fast-paced, multi-layered and diverse melodic metal on four lead singles and will then put the icing on the cake with the release of the full album. Stylistically, ‘Terranova’ leaves no questions unanswered: Fallen Sanctuary fire on all cylinders and their debut songs sound original and unmistakable. “Of course Marco and I have role models, be it Helloween, Angra or Rhapsody,” Neuhauser explains, “but our own style clearly stands out from the competition, as we occasionally mix our melodic metal with AOR influences and progressive elements. I think this unusual combination makes us stand out from the crowd.”
The Austrian singer is referring to the first single ‘Broken Dreams’ with its awesome dynamics and almost addictive chorus. The same goes for the second single ‘Terranova’ and the fast-paced ‘Destiny,’ which would both have gone down well on early Sonata Arctica or Edguy recordings. The single ‘To the Top’ features minor stylistic variations and tasteful cross-references to acts such as Eclipse and H.E.A.T., which also applies to the somewhat more progressive ‘Now And Forever,’ set to be the third single. “Comparisons with other acts are definitely allowed, I never feel that our songs lack independence,” Neuhauser says self-confidently. “Marco and I go to great lengths to ensure that all our compositions have their own trademarks.” The singer adds with a grin: “I expect in two years people will say: This or that band sounds like Fallen Sanctuary!”
In view of their thoroughly accomplished and playfully virtuoso album, it’s more than likely that this is exactly what will happen, especially since the lyrical content of Fallen Sanctuary’s songs, with references to topical issues, is anything but off the peg. Neuhauser: “Our lyrics are relevant and socio-critical. ‘Terranova,’ for example, asks why drug addiction is such a widespread problem.” With equally scathing descriptions of the current state of the planet, ‘Rise Against The World,’ ‘Now and Forever’ and ‘No Rebirth’ are open indictments of our progressive destruction of the environment: “It’s high time we got it into our heads that there’s no Planet B to fall back on,” warns Neuhauser. The fourth lead single ‘To the Top’ calls for non-violence: “If we really wanted it, there could be a world without suffering and wars,” the Austrian says with conviction.
You’ve probably guessed it: This is a new band that’s bound to cause a stir with fantastic compositions, first-rate skill and exciting topics. Their debut album is only the beginning, because, as Neuhauser explains: “The songs for our second release are all ready, just waiting to be recorded!”

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