FALLING IN REVERSE Scorched by Pyrotechnics At Sonic Temple As RONNIE RADKE Attempts To Start A Fight With SANGUISUGABOGG

Falling In Reverse Sonic Temple 2024

Last Friday, May 17th, FALLING IN REVERSE‘s set at the 2024 Sonic Temple was repeatedly interrupted due to pyrotechnics issues.

In a short clip uploaded by the band, drummer Luke Holland apologizes for the interruptions while nursing his burns with an ice pack. Guitarist Christian Thompson is also seen with bandages on his right shoulder.

But that’s not all. As some of you remember, earlier this year Radke engaged in a social media feud with Devin Swank of SANGUISUGABOGG, hinting at a possible confrontation at Sonic Temple. Swank eventually grew weary of the feud, deleted all related tweets, and told Radke he was done with it. However, Radke persisted, demanding an apology from Swank for calling him a rapist in reference to a 2015 rape allegation against Radke.

Despite Radke‘s attempts to provoke Swank into a confrontation on social media yesterday, Swank did not respond. Radke‘s series of tweets are shown below.