Famous Metal Guitarists Who Have Successful Casino Experience


A lot of famous rock and metal stars enjoy playing casino games. Due to their fierce appearance and intense performance on stage, you would expect an attitude and energetic play on a casino table. Also, playing a fishing-theme slot game or the sounds of smashing fruits in some online games is relaxing after a long day of metal play.

The colors, design, collectible items, and the player’s adventurous journey are some of the things that make online gambling fun for most rock stars. A few of them have made names for themselves in the casino world, so you can learn a few casino tips from them. Keep reading this article to know some of the famous metal guitarists who enjoy playing online casino games. The following are some of the metal guitarists who have had successful casino experience:

  • Salvatorre Erna
  • Lemmy Kilmister
  • Scott Ian
  • Paul Daniel

1. Scott Ian

Scott Ian is the last founding member of Anthrax, an influential Thrash Metal band. He Is a song lyrics writer, book author, metal guitarist, and vocalist. Even though he has a long list of activities, Scott is very passionate about poker. Gambling is the real passion that captivates his mind and soul.

Additionally, Scott is so good at casino games that he once considered being a professional gambler. However, he could not realize that dream due to his ever-demanding musical and writing career. All that changed with the advancement of technology, as he could play casino games of any kind online anytime and anywhere. You can make a quick bet at the best $10 deposit casinos online and win real money no matter how busy your schedule might be. He is a real specialist in poker games and believes that the best thing about poker is the chance to discover human psychic abilities. Scott claims he can read the minds of people that sit with him at a poker table.

2. Salvatore Paul Erna

Salvatore Erna, who is mostly referred to as Sully, is a guitarist and lead singer for the very influential American heavy metal rock band Godsmack. Within the music industry, Sully is well appreciated by his colleagues because of his amazing musical ability. He is a top solo performer and is well recognized as one of the greatest heavy metal singers around. However, aside from his music success, Sully has participated and won lots of prizes in various casino tournaments like the World Series of Poker.

A lot of stories confirm Sully’s love for casino games. However, the story behind the pretty large tattoo on his back is the most interesting of all the stories. This huge tattoo consists of the phrase “No justice” and four burning aces. The phrase “No justice” was a realization that occurred to him after he lost a poker game badly. This happened when Sully made a hazard move of flopping quad aces in a poker game. After his move, his opponent went all-in with a royal flush and won the game. You can get casino life hacks online to improve your gambling skills and prepare yourself for a real-life casino experience.

3. Lemmy Kilmister

Lemmy Kilmister was a legendary rockstar and founder of the Motörhead Metal band. Aside from the passion he had for music, he was dedicated to gambling. One of Motörhead’s biggest hits, “Ace of Spades”, which was written by Lemmy, was inspired by the act of gambling. Table games with complicated rules were not much of interest to him. However, playing games on online slots, as well as on London and LA casino slot machines, was his favorite. Lemmy’s love for slot machines can be seen in the documentary that was made about his life titled “Lemmy: The Movie”. As a passionate Lemmy fan, you too can play lots of casino slot games and claim your casino win easily.

4. Paul Daniel

Paul Daniel, who is nicknamed Ace Frehley, is a founding member of Kiss Heavy Metal band. He is often seen as one of the greatest metal guitarists the world has seen, as well as an influential lyric writer. Aside from his bright musical achievements, Frehley is well known for his participation in several poker championships like the VH1 Celebrity Rock and Roll Tournament. A lot of metal rock stars find casino games thrilling, and Ace Frehley is no exception. You can enjoy such thrilling entertainment too without being extravagant if you create a gaming account online with a $10 deposit casino anytime and anywhere.


Like your favorite metal guitarists or rock stars, you too can enjoy endless thrilling casino gaming actions and beautiful casino features online. There are lots of fishing games, poker games, and slot games to pick from online, so you can play any casino game you enjoy online. Online casinos have interesting themes and amazing graphics that would make your gaming experience more fun. You, too, can make a name for yourself in the casino world and become a top gamer like your favorite metal guitarists and rock stars.