Fan Knocks Himself Out With Baseball Bat During A SLIPKNOT Cover Band Show (Video)

A Newcastle-based SLIPKNOT cover band, SLIPKNOWT, played a set at Sixfields Rock Festival 2017. During the “Duality” performance, you can see really cool police officer singing to the song, but when the Clown jumped down to the crowd, the officer actually assisted on percussion.

But then the fans joined, and there is this one particular fan who might’ve gotten a little too enthusiastic. When he kicked the keg, bat bounced back hitting him in the head and knocking him to the ground. Check out this awesome moment below.

As for the cop’s participation, one of his fellow officers told the Northampton Chronicle, “The crowd loved it. It just showed that human side to us, rather than us standing there with our arms crossed. I think it’s nice for them to see that we are there to enjoy it and to look after them.”