Fan Loses Hair During VIO-LENCE Show After Getting It Stuck In A Guitar (Video)

Vio-lence Fan Hair

During the last night’s (May 31) VIO-LENCE show in Los Angeles, California, A fan lost some of his hair after it got stuck in the tuning pegs of Phil Demmel‘s guitar.

The fan in question repeatedly stage dove into the audience while VIO-LENCE was performing a set of its classic songs. At one point, the fan got a little too close to Demmel‘s mic stand and stage monitor, causing the guitarist to briefly stop playing and attempt to push the fan offstage using both his hands.

As the fan fell into the crowd, it became apparent that some of his long, black locks got tangled in the guitar headstock, resulting in a “tug of war” of sorts between Demmel and the fan as they attempted to separate the fan from the instrument.

Video footage of the incident can be seen below.