Fans Are Having A Good Laugh At TOMMY LEE’s New Face Tattoos

Tommy Lee Face Tattoos

MÖTLEY CRÜE drummer Tommy Lee recently showed off his new face tattoos. He posted a three photos on Facebook first showing a set of dots curling around his eyebrow, scaling up in size from the bridge of his nose to the outside of the brow.

From there, Lee added to pre-existing star outlines with smaller, blacked-out stars continuing the arc, which is capped off on the left temple with an upside down bass clef that dovetails into a treble clef to form the shape of a heart.

On the right side of Lee’s face, Japanese characters descend from his temple down to the rear jaw line.

Fans on social media had a good laugh and even suggested that Lee is doing drugs which have eventually lead to this.

Some of the fans’ comments can be read below.

“dudes obviously back on the dope”

“Lame that’s what it means LAME!!!!”

“Rich man and this is what he does with his precious time. Waste.”

It looks like whoever did the artwork detail was just as f*cked up as you are. ? Good luck with that disaster…forever!!

“Tommy still acts like he’s 20 yrs old or something.”

“Drugs are bad mmmkay!”

“I feel like I’ve contracted Hepatitis by just looking at this photo…”

“I hope his kid beats the hell out of him again. Just for this.”

“I believe that’s Mandarin, and it appears to be a list of social diseases.”

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