Fans Are Not Happy With New TOOL Album Cover

Tool band

As reported, TOOL has revealed a cover art for long-awaited fifth studio album, Fear Inoculum, but some fans doesn’t seem to be very pleased with it.

Some of the comments from the fans can be seen below.

Facebook user Simon Rourke commented on UG’s Facebook post:

“To be fair, they haven’t really had time to think about the logo or artwork which is probably why it looks sh*t.”

Bruno Campos adds:

“That’s some great mid-2000s, indie-alt-metal band 3d art.”

Aaron Brown commented on Blabbermouth’s Facebook post:

“If that is indeed the album cover, it looks like someone used Picsart for the first time, and now all of a sudden, thinks they are a legit designer…this album is not going to live up to the hype of a 13 year wait…Chinese Democracy Part Deaux, anyone?”

Rob Novak says:

“Wow, is that a troll? That’s horribly boring artwork regardless of opinion of the band.”

Going over to Tool’s Instagram post, user dab.n.stab got almost 450 likes for saying:

“Underwhelming album cover”

However, user ryotbryant had a different perspective on it:

“Remember aenima? How underwhelming it looked? And then the lenticular and all the other covers inside the actual album case? You tool fans disappoint me.”

Instagram user m4dw0rk adds:

“I’m sorry but I don’t like it, feels pretty “home made”/cheap to me. That golden font makes me cry…”

Readers on MetalSucks also reacted negatively to the design with user GreenBike saying:

“That font is so f*cking bad. It wouldn’t look out of place on the cover of Iron Maiden’s “Dance of Death”.”

PhantomTongue simply said:

“I hate this cover.”

Ultimate Guitar user Zan595 had this to say:

“This cover would’ve made an excellent Windows 98 screensaver.”

UG user Kornholic comments:

“The album cover and the new logo are a miss for me but who cares. I’m into music anyway, not album art.”

jheavy says:

“Looks like it was designed when they last release an album some time around the advent of MS Paint”

User rkennedy991 commented:

“The album artwork looks like it’s from the 90s.”

Although disappointed with the looks of it, user nikdik is optimistic about the upcoming long-awaited music:

“The font makes comic sans look professional. There are plenty of great albums with hideous album art though so I’m still buying this day one.”

We’ll wrap things up with one more of GR84’s insightful comments:

“Very Excited! New art work looks kinda like an art demo that’s not finalized, but we’ll see how it ties into everything once the album is released, I am certainly ready for a new Tool album to digest and really wrap my head around”

You can also see some of the tweets below.

New TOOL album Fear Inoculum comes out on August 30th.