Fans Crowdfunded Over $110,000 For A New Movie From The Band AVATAR

Avatar Band

Swedish metal/rock band AVATAR have crowdfunded over $110,000 for a movie based on their latest album Avatar Country. Initial goal was to crowdfund $50,000 but the ideal goal was $70,000 so that the band won’t make compromises on production and other stuff. At the time of writing this, crowdfunding is sitting at  $111,881.

Check the crowdfund page here.

Band comments on project:

Avatar Country will be a featurette (longer that a short movie but shorter than the Godfather) based on the music of the album of the same name. It will tell the full story which has already partly been shown in the videos released this far. We will of course continue to work with Johan Carlén who has been in charge behind the camera for all our music videos since Black Waltz. We have developed a language of our own through the years and become great partners, instrumental in realizing each others visions.

The money raised will go to pay for equipment, crew, actors, locations, props, 3D models, wardrobe and anything and everything you can imagine would go into any given film project. The money will NOT go to pay any member of the band, not even the King. Our salaries are made out of what we can make from touring, selling merchandise and whatever comes our way as song writers and recording artists. This will not be a pay day for the band. All money will be directly invested into our art.”