Fans Are Trying To Stop SUICIDE SILENCE From Releasing Their New Album

SUICIDE SILENCE fans are petitioning Nuclear Blast Records from ever releasing band’s upcoming self-titled album, which is supposed to be released on February 24.

SUICIDE SILENCE released two singles so far, both of which received bad feedback from the fans.

Here’s what one fan commented on petition: “The new material is an insult to the bands legacy. I dig nu metal, i grew up on it, but SUICIDE SILENCE have not been able to pull this off and the result is a sloppy sounding pile of garbage and before i get slated by one of the band members saying “we dont make music to please you guys, we make music to please ourselves” or ” you guys are just so used to polished recordings”. Wrong, I love a raw recording, when what the band is doing complaments it.”

Petition started yesterday and already reached nearly 1,000 supporters. You can sign it here, if you wish.

[via Rock Feed]