Fargo – Constellation

This Fargo “Constellation” is the living proof that heavy rock is alive and well. Or at least, that the great Bad Company had a child. A little ZZ Top here, some slide guitars there. Fargo is a refreshment to our ears. But I’m perfectly aware that they are no news. Some might say they are outdated, but guys, I really don’t care. I have absolutely no problem with that. I’m no fashionist, I don’t want bands to “reinvent the road.” It was invented many, but many years ago.

Fargo have a great, and long history in rock. Around since 1973, Scorpions’s Mathias Jabs, was part of the band for a little while in the late 1970s before joining the most famous German band of all times. “Constellation” is an album of great, and forgotten, rock tunes. Some will label them hard rock, but it’s not really acurate. Fargo use a lot of  southern rock elements, as the slide guitars, which sound simply delicious. A great example that old dogs learn new tricks. Some songs, though, are pretty much pop rock as the ones Nazareth magicly used to write. “Don’t Talk,” for instance. But Nazareth are a bit heavier. Guitar solos have that lost fine melody. They were built note by note, searching for the perfect sonance, not only going up and down scales.

As usual, the opening track,“Step Back,” is the one with the biggest energy. Pure southern rock slide guitar driven.“Leave It” has that typical 1970s phrased guitar riff and that rock’n’roll grip. Very good tune.  “Constellation” is an unpretentious twelve tracked album. Songs go easily as “Goddess of Destiny” with its Deep Purple’s Coverdale era. It took me all the album to find the resemblance. Well, it happens even to the best reviewers. “Mind Your Own Business” has also that Deep Purple’s Coverdale era feeling. And there goes the neighborhood.

“Constellation” is not only for nostalgic old fellows like me, but also for the young who appreciate good music. Just as simple as that.

Fargo “Constellation” was released on May 25th via SPV / Steamhammer.

Track Listing:

  1. Step Back
  2. Leave It
  3. Mind Your Own Business
  4. Loser’s Blues
  5. Buzz Buzz
  6. Cross To Bear
  7. Don’t Talk
  8. Southern Breeze
  9. Boozy Vivienne
  10. What’s Wrong
  11. Goddess Of Destiny
  12. Goodnight

Watch “Leave It” official video here: