Feared – Synder

1013246_952856721391055_3769111818871270414_n Oh my f**king God! Let me just start off by saying that . . . I nearly cried tears of happiness (not really) when I went into my inbox and saw that the prestigious death metal band from Sweden, Feared, had sent their upcoming fifth album, “Synder”, as their follow up album to 2013’s extremely well received “Vinter”. I loved “Vinter”. I loved their first, second, and third albums as well! When I first heard that Feared was working on their fifth album, which is also their fifth to be released within 5 years of their debut, “Rejects”, I was ecstatic to say in the very least. With each passing album, the sheer quality of Feared’s music has increased in ferocity, creativity, and brutality. Many thought that they reached their peak with “Vinter” and would only decline from there, but “Synder” has come along to prove those people that Feared have got more fuel in them that seems never ending. Just the intensity of “Synder” is as awesome if not more so than previous albums, but one thing is definitely true: Feared have gone into a whole new territory for them with how dark and sinister all 13 of the songs are. The songs go over s**t that have traumatized some people’s heart from topics about God to redemption to the dark feelings of hatred that sits deep within us all. The band even mastered the art of stopping the death metal right in its tracks and bringing in some calmer guitars that anyone should be able to love and appreciate simply because of how damn good it sounds. Then there’s the masterfully crafted melody that present throughout the entire album. It’s done just so well and it’s spread throughout each and every one of the songs off of “Synder”. It truly blows my mind that a single band can constantly put out extremely solid albums and increase the quality of them while doing so as Feared has done. In English, the word “synder” means “sins”, but there is not a single sin from this album in terms of its sound, performance, and quality. “Synder” has redefined the word masterpiece for those of us who are lucky enough to know this great band, and many others when the album drops on May 25th.

“Synder” can be bought via iTunes here, and you can stream the music video for the single “My Grief, My Sorrow” off of the album via YouTube below.

Track Listing:

  1. Synder
  2. Your Demise
  3. Of Iron And Ashes
  4. Caligula
  5. My Grief, My Sorrow
  6. Dygder
  7. By Silent Screaming
  8. Wolf at the End of the World
  9. My Own Redemption
  10. Dying Day
  11. War Feeding War
  12. The Narcissist
  13. Godless Devotion

The deluxe version on iTunes has instrumental version for all 13 tracks.