Fellowship – The Saberlight Chronicles Review

This July I’m celebrating my 6th anniversary with Metal Addicts’. I’m very proud to be part of this team. When one writes reviews for such a long time some hidden details start to get as clear as water. I guess it’s the trainning the ears get or just one starts to pay attention on details that weren’t used to. In fact, it’s been some time I’ve been noticing that some Power Metal bands are adding an additional trait to their music. Some songs I heard showcased some cartoonish elements or even seemed to have been written to be part of a cartoon. Maybe the soundtrack if it happens. There are also some theatrical elements to compose the whole. I mean, some elements sound to be put to give the song a different direction. Some of those elements sound a bit childish, but others do work fine within the song and the music the band desires to deliver. It’s coeherent as Power Metal loves the grand and the epic.

Ok, then, Fellowship here showcase all those elements except the childish ones. “The Saberlight Chronicles” manages perfectly to be part in the experience and part in the cozy common ground. This kind of experience proved to be tricky. It’s hard to manage both at the time. It’s like living in two worlds at the same time. However, being Schrödinger’s cat is such a hard task, I’d say even impossible. So, Fellowship go easy on the groundbreaking elements and cleverly the band goes adding the new elements little by little in “The Saberlight Chronicles.” The formula here is to add the elements in only some songs as album opener “Until the Fires Die” and wait and see how it works. Other tracks explore the grand with flying colors as in “Glint” where my dear fan will notice that the theatrical elements would fit like a glove here. The same impression my dear fan may have while listing to “The Saint Beyond the River” and its emotional singing.

As usual “The Saberlight Chronicles” is pretty performed with all the classic and well-known guitar riffings and drumming. Matthew Corry’s vocals have a flair for the emotional. Ok, no news in terms of Power Metal but he adds some more elements. The guitars follow the same formula adding some emotional guitars riffs and phrases. The outcome is a pleasant album for the fans of Power Metal. From where I’m standing this emotion is always welcome. It spices the mix and adds some more flavour.

Fellowship “The Saberlight Chronicles” will be released on July 15th via Scarlet Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Until the Fires Die
  2. Atlas
  3. Glory Days
  4. Oak and Ash
  5. Hearts upon the Hill
  6. Scars and Shrapnel Wounds
  7. The Hours of Wintertime
  8. Glint
  9. The Saint Beyond the River
  10. Silhouette
  11. Still Enough
  12. Avalon

Watch “Until the Fires Die” official video here:

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