FENDER Announces Acquisition Of BIGSBY GUITARS

Music Radar reports that Fender has announced the acquisition of the Bigsby brand, the company behind the iconic vibratos invented by Paul A. Bigsby.

Jeff Cary, the Senior Vice President of FMIC Specialty Brand, stated:

“We are excited to acquire Bigsby and add to our esteemed portfolio of specialty brands.

“There is such a rich history with the vibratos, and a mystique around the guitars, pedals and steel instruments that is fascinating.

“Fred and Dinah Gretsch have been wonderful owners and we look forward to working with them to ensure a smooth transition.

Fred Gretsch added:

“Paul Bigsby, Ted McCarty, Dinah and Fred Gretsch and Fender Musical Instruments Corp. all have one thing in common, an unquestioning dedication to product excellence over the long haul. We congratulate team Fender on this strategic acquisition.”