Fermentor – Continuance

I believe it is the first time I review an instrumental album from an Extreme Metal band. It beats me why I think this is kind of unusual. I really don’t know why, but whatever… From where I’m sitting both things instrumental and Extreme Metal don’t fit. On the other hand, it is a precious oportunity to really see the roots of what makes an Extreme Metal song without the most iconic feature which are the death growls. In fact, the first thing that jumps to the eyes of the fan is the drumming. Fast, vicious, sick and strong as every Extreme Metal drumming should be. And by the way, Dylan Marks  is a tremendous creative drummer as hell. The man fills all blanks possible with his unstoppable and vigorous spanking of the kit. Go straight ahead to the second track “Thunderboss” and watch the marvelous drums spanking that happens in it.

Remember that I said that it is a precious oportunity to see the roots of what makes an Extreme Metal song without the death growls? Yeah, Fermentor teach a lesson of how to use all Extreme Metal features to show how to do things without vocals. Thinking of that, it would be really unfair not to quote the guitars in this album “Continuance” where, by the way, guitarist Adam Wollach does everything possible in order to maintain the tempo and cadence up and faster that the speed of light as well as the drumming. Some tracks as “Mechanism” could be easily considered Technical Death Metal for their intricate and complex riffing. Also jumps to the eye the diversity of guitar techniques he uses all around the album. Sometimes as in “The Decay of Western Society” it reminds a lot Pantera’s groovy and intricate riffing by the use of the palm-muting technique.

It’s also important to stress out here the competence of Fermentor as a band. My fan here that plays in a band knows that some beginners tend to accelerate the tempo and follow the same patterns. For instance, the drumming follows the guitar riffing. That doesn’t happen here in any moment. Both instruments work together kind of completing each other, filling the blanks of the songs. I guess that sounds much better showing a pro way of doing things.

Fermentor “Continuance” will be self-released on August 14th.

Track Listing:

  1. The Stench
  2. Thunderboss
  3. Mechanism
  4. The Decay of Western Society
  5. Seventh Circle
  6. Landbridge
  7. Cotterpin
  8. Stage V
  9. Cut N Shut
  10. Project Zeus

Watch “Thunderboss” official video here: