Final Fall – The Death of Hope

“The Death of Hope” has a modern and classic sonance. Both altogether. It is so because of the  extensive musical experience of their musicians. Final Fall are a band that offers us a pretty intrincate layer of influences. I guess the most important is maybe Testament. Chordly riffing gives that impression. Vocals as well. And deep down you feel some punk. The modern scope comes in the vocals of “It follows” and its low-tuned guitars. But don’t go thinking they are a copycat of Testament. It is only an influence. Remember that I compare bands to explain better their music.

I dare to say that if they were from the 1980s, they would be labeled as a crossover band. Pretty much similar. Just an opinion, though. To my understanding, Final Fall’s guitar tones are much appreciated. That low-tuned distortion is pretty pleasant. One more reason to say that they would be labeled as a crossover band in the 1980s. Most crossover bands used a kind of low-tuned guitars like that.

Songs go pretty linear until we reach “A Life Without Your Heart,” which looks like it doesn’t belong to “The Death of Hope.” I mean that because it is so different from the others. Not only because its accoustic sonance, or Paul Stanleyish vocals, but it is much different. But make no mistake. I mean differente, not bad. Its 1970ish sonance is great. The following song, “New Horizons’s” surprised me again. It brings me some kind of  affective memory. Final Fall bring something to my mind that I just cannot explain. Mostly, the feeling began with “I Had a Dream Last Night” and its bass intro. It comes classical tasting to then go to a more modern sound texture.

So, if you are in fond of a band which brings up some thrash, modern metal, and crossover influences, here you’ve got Final Fall and “The Death of Hope.” Anyway, hope isn’t dead. It’s pretty much alive due to this album.

Final Fall “The Death of Hope” will be released on May 25th via independent resources.

You can pre-order at BandCamp.

Track Listing:

  1. I Had A Dream Last Night
  2. Blood From A Stone
  3. It Follows
  4. Cold Sweats
  5. A Life Without Your Heart
  6. New Horizons

Watch “A Life Without Your Heart” official video here: