Finnish TAROT To Reunite For One-Off Show

Tarot Wings of Darkness Video

After a lengthy hiatus from the live music scene, the Finnish metal group TAROT is making their comeback. As pioneers of the heavy metal genre in their home country, the band from Kuopio will be playing a show taking place on the 26th of July at the Old Farts Rock in Kuopio, Finland.

TAROT singer and keyboardist Tommi Salmela says (via and translated via Google Translate from Finnish): “Now is an opportunity to think and try how things will go forward. Everyone in the band gave the green light.”

He states that the band members have not discussed any other performances yet.

“I can’t answer this yet because the meeting hasn’t been held yet,” Tommi reveals. “Only time will tell. Everything is still in the air, so to speak.

TAROT‘s latest album, The Spell of Iron MMXI, was released in April, 2011. It is a re-recording of the band’s 1986 debut album, Spell of Iron, for its 25th anniversary.

In September, 2016, it was announced that drummer Pecu Cinnari had died due to a long-term illness.