Fire Growth – Dawn of the Flame

Have I ever wrote anything about how I love bands with female vocals? I have? Okay, so I’ll write again: I LOVE BANDS WITH FEMALE VOCALS! Now we can get started.

“Dawn of the Flame” is Fire Growth’s debut EP. And they started damn nicely. Fire Growth are a strong band. Songs have a strong personality. No track is near similar to the other. Very good point. Neat instrumentals. Built detail by detail searching for the perfect solution.

I know some will think I am flying so high, but the intro voice of “Against My Mind” reminded me a little the great Janis Joplin. Yeah, I know. You want the same I am using. But I mean it. Of course it would be a repaginated Janis, more modern, but the blues she loved so much is there. Maybe it’s the overdrive in the guitars, or mostly, Clara’s voice. Her voice is really something apart. Warm, sweet, and rough when it’s needed. So are the guitars. Rough and strong, sweet and bitter, classical and raw, everything at the same time. Guitar passages on “Trying to Forget” are amazing because they kind of try every change of pace and atmosphere in it. It begins acoustic, sweet, to then goes wild with a great leading guitar phrase that embellishes the song. Let’s not forget drumming which is subtle and effective.

“Dawn of the Flame’s” recording deserves a note. Vocal lines were recorded in a separate channel, I guess, so it sounds sometimes out of the song. Though, it is one more charm to “Dawn of the Flame,” in my way of seeing it. In “To Survive” one can notice that easyly. On second thought, Clara uses other singing techniques than the usual in Metal. That’s why she sounds so bluesy. Or even jazzy. And she’s only seventeen! Once more, it is the charm of Fire Growth. And when you add competent guitar interventions, the thing gets serious. Fire Growth are a step ahead. They add charm to Metal. well, we may as well use some. Never to forget the zeppelinian taste of “Dawn of the Flame.”

Fire Growth “Dawn of the Flame” was released in May via Extrarradio Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Against My Mind
  2. Trying to Forget
  3. Now We Realise
  4. Dawn of the Flame
  5. To Survive

Watch “Against My Mind” official video here:


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