Firebreather – Dwell in the Fog Review

Doom Metal bands are surprising me this year. It’s only the second I review and I’m astonished and amazed witht he music I heard in the two albums I’ve reviewed so far. Would you my dear fan believe me if I said this “Dwell in the Fog” is where Motörhead meet Black Sabbath? I guess not, but it is what it is. “Dwell in the Fog” combines boith elements from Motörhead and Black Sabbath at the same time. The band combines the sleazy ans shoegazed Black Sabbath instrumentals with the harsh, gruff and thick voice from Motörhead. I say Motörhead because it’s easier for my dear child of the night to understand this kind of voice. But Lemmy Kilmister though one of the most iconic vocalist to use this voice wasn’t the first one to do it. Kiss’s Gene “The Longtongued” Simmons was one of them. The problem is that if I say Gene “The Longtongued” Simmons’s voice many fans will turn their noses, if you know what I mean. Or, at least, give the look.

“Dwell in the Fog” surprises from the very beginning with “Kiss of Your Blade” which showcases a strong and thick Metal music with alkmost no traces of Doom. Regarding to rhythm and cadence the album is kind of monolithic as many of its peers. The six tracks in here don’t change a lot. There are no big plot twists and variations throughout the album. Well, this is, of course, expected from a Doom Metal band to which variations aren’t mandatory. The main difference is the vocals. I mean, this kaind of vocals isn’t the most common to have in Doom Metal bands. It’s about how the vocalist deals with the limitations of this kind of voice and make it even stronger. The way things are musically arranged to fit into this special voice. The guitars, for instance, are tuned lower than the ususal. It’s a way to make them fit better and sound even more heavier than the usual. Don’t get me wrong, the main feature here is Black Sabbath’s heavyness as the fan may check on the tittle track “Dwell in the Fog.” The guitars in it are pretty damn Tony Iommy.

In a nutshell, Firebreather – hey, what a cool name – managed to be the heavier as possible. That’s really something. “Dwell in the Fog” is an album that may attracted not only Doom metallers. That’s something as well. Ah, I forgot to say about the amazing album cover. So simple and yet so complex. Pretty doomy if I have to say it.

Firebreather “Dwell in the Fog” will be released on February 25th via RidingEasy Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Kiss of Your Blade
  2. Dwell in the Fog
  3. Weather the Storm
  4. Sorrow
  5. The Creed
  6. Spirit’s Flow

Watch “Dwell in the Fog” official video here: