First International TRANSCENDING OBSCURITY Fest to Take Place in Prague, Czech Republic

We’re absolutely thrilled to be able to put together a fest just for the Transcending Obscurity Records label bands and that too outside of our country of origin/operation which is far away in India. To do something of this sort for our bands is like a dream come true and we’ve done our best to put together a solid lineup of 16 bands from 12 countries that will perform over a period of two days – May 5th-6th, 2023 in Prague, Czech Republic.

This wouldn’t however be the first time such a fest happened, because the first one technically took place 

way back in 2014 in Mumbai/Thane, India and only had Indian bands performing (you can see its flyer at the end of this press release). This in comparison is a huge step up, our first international fest, and it would of course be impossible without the support and cooperation of our label bands, who are travelling from far to make it to this one. On my part, I would be travelling all the way from India for this and would try to see that it goes well.

Here’s the list of bands (in alphabetical order) that will be performing for this fest. More information on them can be found below.

71TONMAN (France) – Sludge/Doom Metal
CRAWL (Sweden) – Death Metal
CRYPTS OF DESPAIR (Lithuania) – Death Metal
CUTTERRED FLESH (Czech Republic) – Brutal Death Metal
DE PROFUNDIS (UK) – Death Metal
DEVENIAL VERDICT (Finland) – Atmospheric/Dissonant Death Metal
DISKORD (Norway) – Death Metal
DYSGNOSTIC (Denmark) – Dissonant Death Metal
GODLESS TRUTH (Czech Republic) – Technical Death Metal
ORPHALIS (Germany) – Brutal/Technical Death Metal
SISYPHEAN (Lithuania) – Dissonant Black Metal
THE SCALAR PROCESS (France) – Technical Death Metal
VIANDE (France) – Dark Death Metal
VOMITHEIST (Switzerland) – Death Metal
VORGA (Germany) – Black Metal

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