Fisc – Too Hot for Love

Hard and heavy was so strong during the 1980s that one could find bands playing it in every corner of this sad and lonely world. France was no different. It is kind of natural that most of them sounded pretty much the same. Some bands were a simple copycat of the stars. But others tried hard to stand out of the crowd. Fisc with “Too Hot for Love” is, indeed, one of them. To whom has been introduced to the genre, Fisc is just delicious.

Being originally released in 1987, an year when hard’n’heavy was getting to the top, “Too Hot for Love” has great moments. With skillful musicians, as all of their peers, Fisc wrote some gems that could easily play on American FM radios. Of course, the highlight is the guitar player. But make no mistake, everybody is destroying their instruments in “Too Hot for Love.” Simply speaking, the guitar player is a killer. Some tracks like “No Place in Hell” have such a hard swing that make you sing along.

I have no doubt that “Too Hot for Love” is full of crystalized clichés, but Fisc work pretty well with them. One thing is to be a cliché, another one is to use them. “Keep Your Eyes Up” could be in Judas Priest’s “Turbo,” for instance. But does that diminish them? No, absolutely not. Even the mandatory ballad “Waiting For You” is delicious. Guitar solo is impeccable as well. A big hail also to the vocalist who does an insane, and well-tuned, voice. The last series of three songs show a very 1970ish voice which gives them a certain charm. They sound like Journey or else. But the guitar kills as well.

Well, if you are like me, who loves any kind of Metal stuff, Fisc’s “Too Hot for Love” are a good option. “Too Hot for Love” was released via No Remorse Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Too Hot for Love
  2. Tokyo Nights
  3. Keep on Running
  4. Rock the Night Away
  5. Pay the Price
  6. No Place in Hell
  7. Keep Your Eyes Up
  8. Waiting for You
  9. Girls Will Be Girls
  10. Angels Call
  11. Guardian Angel (bonus track – demo 1987)
  12. Don’t Fool With Me (bonus track – demo 1987)

Watch “Too Hot for Love” official video here: