Flame, Dear Flame – The Millennial Heartbeat

Yes, it’s a band with female vocals. No, it’s not a Symphonic Metal band.

Is ‘The Millennial Heartbeat” a good album to enjoy? Sure, it’s a very likeable album and Flame, Dear Flame a great band.

Okay, enough with this. ‘The Millennial Heartbeat” is an EP with only three tracks in an average of seven minutes each. I agree seven minutes is a pretty long track insofar. Some may think by that Flame, Dear Flame is a Doom Metal band which are not exactly wrong. It depends on how one sees Doom. But that’s not my opinion. Yet, there are moments that ‘The Millennial Heartbeat” sounds a bit doomy as in the middle of “The Millennial Heartbeat Part I” with its slow and strong guitar riffing and such a melodic imposture. Or maybe, as it is said in music, “The Millennial Heartbeat Part I” has a Doom Metal intent.

In fact, I guess it is fair to say that Flame, Dear Flame have an Old School Metal grip. The three tracks – lazy named Part I, Part II and Part III –  flirt heavily with the Heavy Metal world, though a bit slower than the standard, but full of heart and soul. Thanks to vocalist Maren Lemke whose epic and dramatic voice gives an special highlight to all songs. On the other hand, I was unfair to say that the three tracks were lazy named because there is an intent in this. In fact, they sound as a continuum where each track completes the other musically and lyrically. I meant no disrespect, guys.

For instance, “The Millennial Heartbeat Part II” flies away a bit from the Doom intent due to its faster cadence in some moments of it. There are times that you think that the song will get faster, but Flame, Dear Flame step back and return to their initial Doom intent. Again Maren Lemke’s vocals win the day. The girl really knows how to do it. Her voice shines and sends us lots of tiny sparks of her talent.

Believe me, you will like ‘The Millennial Heartbeat” even if you’re not a Doom Metal fan because it offers much more. If you are an Old School Metal fan or even if you enjoy female vocals, just close your eyes and enjoy the beauty of Maren Lemke’s vocals. You’ll be surprised and enjoyed.

Flame, Dear Flame ‘The Millennial Heartbeat” was released on April 05th.

Track Listing:

  1. The Millennial Heartbeat Part I
  2. The Millennial Heartbeat Part II
  3. The Millennial Heartbeat Part III

Watch “The Millennial Heartbeat Part I” official video here: