IN FLAMES: We’re Not Here to Please Fans, We’re Here to Make Music We Think Is Missing

Guitarist Bjorn Gelotte was asked by PCM on In Flames’ experimental approach to songwriting, to which he replied (via Blabbermouth):

“We get a bit of flak for that – not doing the same album over and over – but that’s never been our thing.

“It’s not what we wanna do. We wanna create music that we think is sort of missing out there or feels challenging, fun, interesting and that we wanna hear ourselves.

“It doesn’t please everyone, but that’s not why we’re here. I can’t please everyone, I can’t make sure everybody in this audience likes what I’m doing.

“What I can make sure is that the five of us are happy with it. And when we are, it’s gonna be an In Flames tune.”

That’s what I call a band with attitude. One may not agree with it, but it’s an attitude.