Flight – A Leap Through Matter

You all know that I’ve never made puns with bands’ names or albums names. I’ll keep my promise of not to. There is no problem with the title “A Leap Through Matter.” I just think it would fit best if it were “A Leap Through Time” because what Flight do here is really a travel through time. To be more specific to the good old days of early Heavy Metal bands, more precisely the early 1980s. Not only that, Flight honor two of the unsung heroes of that time: Thin Lizzy and Triumph. By the beginning we all feel those influences with the apotheotic intro of “Matter Arrival” with its cool phrasing and careful instrumental which makes a bridge to “One with the Sun.”

Flight are a band that can called as having science-oriented lyrics. All songs are in a way related to album title “A Leap Through Time” as long as it guides the inspiration to lyrics and titles. Vocalist Christoffer Bråthen has a certain similarity to Geddy Lee’s voice, not because of its tone which is different, but because he sometimes seems to be out of tune as Geddy. “A Leap Through Time” has its hard rock moments as in “The Pendulum” and “Traveller.” “The Pendulum” with its nice chordal guitar riff and its great multi-voiced chorus and  “Traveller” with its main guitar riff.But the guiding line of “A Leap Through Time” is guitar phrasing. It’s a subtle way of guitar leading, but it works great to Flight. But the way, guitar work is sometimes definitive in “A Leap Through Time.” There are tons of guitar technique used here. I mean, they are much more guitar strategies or ways of showing that the guitar is the most important instrument of the band. As I told before, guitar motifs and phrasing are lovely and a guideline to all songs. Pay attention to title track “A Leap Through Time.”

“A Leap Through Time” is a great album that merges two very interesting influences: 1970s and early 1980s instrumental vibe and science. I can’t help it wondering how it would work alive. I say that because this kind of sonance works best alive due to the more aggressive and power alive sound passes. All those guitar phrasings should get bonecrushing alive.

Flight “A Leap Through Time” will be released on November 23rd via High Roller Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Arrival
  2. One with the Sun
  3. The Pendulum
  4. A Leap Through Matter
  5. Ride on
  6. The Traveller
  7. Reviving Waves
  8. Leave the Coast

Watch “Ride on” official video here: