NIGHTWISH’s FLOOR JANSEN Discusses Hunting As Vegetarian

Floor Jansen 2020

During a new interview with Metal Hammer, NIGHTWISH frontwoman Floor Jansen discussed becoming a vegetarian while also focusing on hunting.

“It was very easy for me to give up eating meat — a longer thought about what’s happening to the animals that need to be mass-produced to feed this human race,” she said. “It’s not fair to them. I am not against eating other animals, but I don’t like the way we keep them or the things we have to artificially make in order for them to not have mass disease outbreaks.”

“Since I moved to Sweden and I basically live in the woods, I’ve learned a lot about hunting, which is still a very difficult subject for a lot of people, and especially people who are not close to nature,” Jansen continued. “The closer you get to nature, the more part of it you become, and in nature, other animals hunt. In Sweden, as an example, they hunt to preserve the species.

“It all has to be done with a quick death, no suffering, it’s very important that they don’t suffer. The people that do it have a great love and respect for nature and the animals. And I gladly have a part of that — it turns out I am quite a good shooter! Though I would never actually go into the woods and hunt…”

In the same interview, Floor explained what annoys her the most about interviews: “What I’m sick and tired of in interviews is when I have to answer a question that has already been partially answered by the person doing the interview.

“A question that’s asked with, ‘You must be feeling…’ and then comes an assumption. ‘I can really imagine it was difficult to write this album…’ OK, so the question is…? Assuming emotions and assuming things… I’m sick and tired of [interviewers] steering [me] into the direction of the answer.”

NIGHTWISH released new album Human. :II: Nature  on April 10th via Nuclear Blast.

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