FOO FIGHTERS Are Releasing New Album Next Month?

Foo Fighters 2022

Chris Moyles, a DJ on the UK’s Radio X, declared on his breakfast program yesterday (February 7) that a new FOO FIGHTERS record could soon be available, whether deliberately or mistakenly.

After playing “Walk,” a track from Foo Fighters’ 2011 album Wasting Light, Moyles said, “I love that song so much – FOO FIGHTERS, and “Walk.” They’ve got a new album coming out in March, FOO FIGHTERS… which I’m very much looking forward to.”

Moyles didn’t expound upon his comment, soon afterwards transitioning to Harry Styles‘ music. Nevertheless, his quick reference to the Dave Grohl-led band was noted by a FOO FIGHTERS fan page from the UK, who swiftly uploaded the snippet on the internet. Listen to it below.

It is uncertain if Moyles‘ statements were accurate, but if they are, the release could be a live album featuring FOO FIGHTERS‘ current concerts to honor their former drummer, Taylor Hawkins, or a compilation of recent tracks. Given that Hawkins recently passed away, it is more likely that it would be the live album, if there is a release at all.

It is, however, possible that the band are gearing up to release material with Hawkins prior to his death.