FOO FIGHTERS Guitarist Explains Why Everybody Likes DAVE GROHL So Much

Dave Grohl

In a recent interview with Kerrang Magazine, FOO FIGHTERS guitarist Chris Shiflett was asked what makes Dave Grohl so special?

He replied: “I don’t know that it’s any specific one thing, but I think you have to credit a lot of it to Dave and his personality. People love that dude.

“I think he represents something to a lot of people out there. He has that gift that means he can make 80,000 people feel like they’re his best friend. He has that kind of magic, that X-factor thing. I don’t know how you define that or explain that.

“On top of that, we’ve consistently put out records every couple of years. There’s never been a point where we’ve taken 10 years off because we all f*cking hate each other and have broken up. Or we’ve all gone off and made reggae records, or whatever.

“We go out on the road and we play. There’s never been a huge diversion from consistently doing the work. And for people of a certain age when ‘Nevermind’ came out [in 1991], our band triggers an emotion in them. And now they bring their kids to the shows.”

He also talked about what makes FOO FIGHTERS‘ line-up so consistent: “It’s easy with the FOO FIGHTERS because it’s Dave‘s band. He’s gonna make the decision about whatever and everybody goes into it knowing that without really questioning it. You have to give him credit because it works.

“It also removes that whole thing of people sitting down, having a vote and arguing about sh*t. That doesn’t happen. In that sense, it’s easier than getting five or six people on the same page. That would be difficult.”