FOO FIGHTERS Release Thrashy Death Metal Song ‘March Of The Insane’

Foo Fighters

FOO FIGHTERS have released a thrashy new song titled “March Of The Insane.”

The track, which was made available under the band moniker DREAM WIDOW, is featured in FOO FIGHTERS‘ upcoming horror comedy Studio 666.

According to vocalist and guitarist Dave Grohl, the movie is about FOO FIGHTERS renting a haunted house to record in and things going incredibly wrong.

“The premise of the movie is that we move into this house, I have writer’s block, I’m totally uninspired, I can’t come up with anything. And I wind up finding this creepy basement. And I go into the basement, I find this tape by a band from 25 years ago that recorded there. And there’s this song that, if recorded and completed, the f*cking demon in the house is unleashed, and then, whatever, all hell breaks loose.”

Grohl also revealed a bit about DREAM WINDOW, saying: “The singer went crazy and murdered his whole band because of creative differences.”