For LOVE IS RED ‘Darkness Is Waiting’

Love Is Red return with their first release, ‘Darkness Is Waiting,’ in seventeen years. The band originally formed in the year 2000 in Florence, Alabama. Following changes in their line-up they relocated to Nashville, TN, and dropped their biggest release ‘The Hardest Fight,’ on Stillborn Records in 2004. A year later Love Is Red disbanded after multiple US tours with a brief reunion in 2010 for a final show in Nashville.

A decade later Furnace Fest asked the band to reunite once again to play that festival. Due to the pandemic the fest was postponed to 2021 and with the down time, the band returned to writing music. The EP was recorded and produce remotely, and saw the original line-up unite with new members. The resulting sound is incredibly powerful. Every track hits hard with ludicrously distorted guitars, energetic percussion and aggressive vocals. The title track, ‘Darkness is Waiting,’ gradually builds increasing the anticipation of the EP. Establishing the tone of the release with their intense, full sound, this introduction transitions into ‘Keep Moving’ which reveals more of their musicality. Experimenting with rhythms and dynamics, Love Is Red, deliver a commanding sound whilst delving into progressive techniques. From the fast pace and non-standard rhythms of ‘A Different Path,’ through to contrapuntal melodies and intricate riffs of ‘Shallow Graves’.

Almost two decades may have passed since their last release, but Love Is Red have returned with an epic bang. The energy across the EP never lets up. The outfit have retained elements of their early noughties identity whilst evolving their music to bring the sound up to date. Encapsulating the essence of Love Is Red, ‘Darkness Is Waiting’ is some of their best work yet.

Roger Kilburn
Hunter Weeks
Jeff Yancey
Adam Riser
Kyle Mims
Bobby Hamana
Rob Mcfeters
Dane Taylor
Kinsman Mackay

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